Worth Reading

Ephesians 2:1-10

Do you come to our gathered worship service expecting God to speak to you through his Word? We encourage you to prayerfully read through the passage that will be preached prior to the service to help you prepare.

Tom Martin Testimony

You’ll want to take six minutes to watch this God glorifying testimony. We watched this in our Glad News of Deliverance Sunday school class and Tom does an excellent job of sharing the story of God’s work in his life in a way that magnifies Christ and makes the gospel clear.

Satan Wants to Blackmail You

Satan is your accuser. He has all the dirt on you. He knows what you did. And what if he told your church or your friends what you’ve done? That little secret you try to keep hidden from everyone, even from God. Satan knows about it. Satan has a dirt-file on you, and he will not let you forget the fact.

We Can’t Handle It

God does not allow the suffering and trials that come our way based on what he thinks we can handle. Who among us can “handle” the death of a child? Who among us can “handle” an unfaithful spouse? Who among us can “handle” much of the suffering that permeates our broken world? None of us!

This blog was written by Andy Styer

Posted on February 24, 2017 and filed under Devotions.