Worth Reading

John 9

Do you come to our gathered worship service expecting God to speak to you through his Word? We encourage you to prayerfully read through the passage that will be preached prior to the service to help you prepare.


Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak Truth: Rosaria Butterfield Responds to Jen Hatmaker

“Today, I hear Jen’s words—words meant to encourage, not discourage, to build up, not tear down, to defend the marginalized, not broker unearned power—and a thin trickle of sweat creeps down my back. If I were still in the thick of the battle over the indwelling sin of lesbian desire, Jen’s words would have put a millstone around my neck.”

[Rosaria’s response is one of four mentioned by Justin Taylor in The Only Four Things You Need to Read in Response to the Hatmakers. All four are worth reading]


It Happened to George Washington’s Church

Stories about losing rarely reach the front page, but our countercultural faith is different. We believe to live is Christ and to die is gain. Daily news of victories—in sports, in politics—obscures this truth. That’s why we need more stories of gaining through loss. Such stories are bound to continue for the faithful in today’s America.

The Falls Church Anglican has lived through such a story.


3 Truths You Should Remember, No Matter What You Do in the Voting Booth

Here are three truths about Christians and politics that are true today and will still be true after next week’s election—truths you should remember no matter what you do in the voting booth.

This blog was written by Andy Styer