Worth Reading

James 3:13-18

Do you come to our gathered worship service expecting God to speak to you through his Word? We encourage you to prayerfully read through the passage that will be preached prior to the service to help you prepare.


10 Things You Should Know about Physician Assisted Suicide


Neither a Republican Nor a Democratic Church

Some members of our congregation are happy with the results of this last week’s election, some don’t care, and some are scared. It’s our job as a congregation to live out the covenant we’ve taken before the Lord, and to show that the Christ we share is more important to us than the politics we don’t.

Political Idolatry and Mocking Your Mission Field

The idol of politics may cause us to identify as a Republican (or Democrat or Libertarian) rather than as a citizen of Heaven. Every non-Christian is the mission field, but when politics becomes an idol suddenly those who disagree with us become the enemy and those who agree with us, despite the fact that they might be just as lost as the others, don’t get evangelized as well.

This blog was written by Andy Styer