The Mortification of Sin

Busy week and one chapter make for a brief post….

Today we continue our study through John Owen’s book, The Mortification of Sin. The idea is we read this together and that we read the corresponding chapters prior to the blog post each week. This week we consider chapters 13.

As we read, may we keep in mind Owen’s goal in writing this book as stated in the preface: “to promote the work of gospel mortification in the hearts of believers and direct them into safe paths where they will find rest for their souls.” (viii)

Chapter 13, Wait for the Verdict of God

In this chapter Owen give us the last of his nine preparatory directions in fighting against sin: When God stirs your heart about the guilt of your sin, concerning either its root and indwelling, or its breaking out, be careful you do not speak peace to yourself before God speaks it. Listen closely to what He says to your soul.

Rob Edwards, in his study guide on this book, summarizes it like this: We must not console ourselves about our sin when God does not; neither must we find our consolation with regard to our sin in ways that God has not provided. he argues that comforting ourselves in our sin exposes us to the deceitfulness of sin.

A few questions and quotes:

How do you console yourself about your sin? Where do you find peace?

In what ways are we to seek the peace that actually flows from God’s grace?

God keeps good things locked up for his family, and gives them out to all His children at His pleasure.

If you are not sure whether the peace you have is from God or a false peace, Owen provides five rules to aid us in discerning the difference.

How does the peace that God provides not only comfort us but change us?

How does peace from God at the same time produce deep humility?

God will justify us from our sins, but he will not justify the least sin in us.


One more chapter! Read chapter 14 by next Wednesday, December 16.


It would be great to hear what you gained from these chapters. Feel free to post comments below or talk with one another about what you are reading. Do not feel that you need to say anything shocking or profound. Just share what stirred your heart or what gave you pause or what confused you. Let’s make sure we’re reading this book together.


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